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Surface Prep

Surface Preparation Process

Once the old flooring has been removed, we must prepare the surface for coatings, overlays, stains, polishing, or whichever new flooring type has been chosen. This preparation process is crucial to the overall success of your new flooring system.

One of the most important components of resurfacing materials and floor coatings is the texture of the base concrete. Depending on the project, there are multiple pieces of machinery that can be used to achieve the correct concrete surface profile. The professionals at Danek Flooring use various methods including Edge Grinding, Shot Blasting, Sand Blasting, and Vacuum Assisted Diamond Grinding.

Vacuum Assisted Diamond Grinding

Diamond grinding is a surface restoration technique that renews worn out, damaged, or uneven flooring. The machines uses various diamond bits to grind the surface, remove old coatings or residues and leave a smooth, level flooring surface.

This process also minimizes dust particles because of an attached vacuum that sucks the dirt right from the surface as the underlying layers are being treated.

Flooring Preparation
shot blasting

Shot Blasting & Sand Blasting

Shot blasting is process that is normally preformed on concrete or metal surfaces. A shot blasting machine shoots a large number of steel beads toward the surface of the floor — stripping, cleaning and preparing surfaces for coatings or overlays. The roughened texture of the surface improves the adhesion of decorative epoxy systems but also leave the surface dry and ready for resurfacing right away.

Shot blasting is a great choice when preparing the surface for new seamless flooring, from epoxy to concrete overlays. It especially important when the underlying surface is damaged, soiled, or lacks the appropriate structure for the expected level of usage.

Edge Grinding

At Danek Flooring, we pride ourselves in making sure that your new flooring looks stunning from wall to wall. Edge grinding is an essential part of the preparation process that matches the appearance of the edge work to the rest of the floor.

Our larger machines can cover surface area more quickly but they lack the ability to prep floors in tight spaces or all the way up against existing walls. With our edge grinding tools, we ensure that the underlying surface is even, consistent, and  and matches the rest of your flooring.

Flooring Preparation
Acid Containment Area Pitching

Area Pitching

Pitching a floor to drain properly is an essential part of the preparation process in areas such as bathrooms, garages, basements, commercial kitchens, warehouses or even dog kennels. Concrete flooring that does not drain properly will face many issues, both immediate and long-term.  If the slope of a floor is not prepared correctly, water and moisture will pool — causing erosion, cracking and the potential for more severe water damage to your foundation. Puddles of water are also breeding grounds for mold, bacteria, and even insects.

Pitching a concrete floor requires a team of experienced flooring professionsals, like our crew here at Danek Flooring. Although the slope will vary for each project, every floor requiring a effective drainage system will follow the same principles. We ensure that your new flooring will be properly pitched, making it easier for water to drain and ultimately protect your freshly finished surface for years to come.

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