Concrete Polishing Contractor

What is concrete floor polishing?

Here you’ll find an overview of Danek Flooring Inc.’s Concrete Polishing Services.
Below you will see how we do it, the equipment we use and our high quality finished product!

Polished Concrete

Equipment / Install Procedures

Concrete floor polishing is one of the most cost-effective systems on the market. When the concrete is rejuvenated to a stronger, harder and smoother state. Polished concrete can be structured to withstand the elements of weather to the fullest. It is also very effective for dust control. Our concrete floor refinishing systems have very good stain and abrasion resistance. When we create your performance concrete polishing system it is unique for you.

Concrete Floor Protection

The final step of any concrete floor refinishing project is to protect your investment, often using a highly protective and easily maintained polyurethane sealant.  Concrete floor sealer not only prolongs the lifespan of your floor, but it can also enhance its appearance, adding sheen and enriching the colors for a bold and well-preserved finish.

We are making a barrier for your industrial, commercial and residential project — whether it is a small room or a very large facility — making it very easy to maintain with the highest longevity. Our performance concrete polishing systems are available in a wide range of appearances depending on what look you would desire in your residence or commercial facility.

Polished Concrete
Epoxy flooring

Styles range from simple salt and pepper to the extreme exposed aggregate:

concrete polishing aggregate
concrete polishing aggregate
concrete polishing aggregate
concrete polishing aggregate
concrete polishing aggregate

Available in:

  • a large variety of stains, dye’s and finishes
  • flashy custom logo in a stencil or stain form or a wearable and re-applicable sticker version

Maximize your lighting with the amazing reflective properties of our performance concrete polishing systems. Customize your area today! If you have stained concrete we can remove the blemishes!

Decrotive Stain
Polished floor
Metallic Flooring

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