Decorative Chip Systems

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Decorative Chip Systems

At Danek Flooring, we believe that your flooring solution should be stylish and durable. With our decorative chip systems, you can have both! This flooring system offers incredible strength but also give you several design options including chip color, size, and intensity.

Chip systems offer the impact resistance and similar look of an aggregate-filled concrete floor but can be installed using several methods, depending on the project and desired look. The chip blend and polished finish provide the same stunning look of terrazzo flooring for a fraction of the price. Even more, it costs much less to maintain and is easier to clean!

Where can I use decorative Chip Systems?

Whether you are looking for a beautiful new garage floor or need a strong floor for your warehouse, our decorative chip systems are an easy choice. With applications in retail buildings, offices, residential garages, restrooms, storage facilities, and more, our chip system flooring can be customized for any space.


  • Durable, strong and flexible
  • Safety texture option adds slip-resistance
  • Custom and versatile styling options
  • Quick installation
  • Easy to care for and clean

Types of Decorative Chip Systems

Available in any color combination you would like.

Chip sizes available are = 1/16in, 1/8in, 1/4in — with or without integrated cove base.

Cove base available in different heights with a radius or a 45 degree angle.

Flake Color Chart

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