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At Danek Flooring, we transform dull or generic concrete into naturally beautiful, colorful and resilient surfaces using acid staining. Acid Staining is one of the best methods of coloring concrete and cements. Beautiful, organic looking floors arise from a plain concrete slab, transforming ordinary concrete into luxurious floors that resemble marble, glazed stone and more.

What is acid staining?

When choosing concrete staining, it is important to know how the process works. Acid stains create a chemical reaction with the surface of the concrete flooring or structure. This process is actually very effective at bringing out the natural beauty of concrete by interacting with the lime in the cement and pulling out the coloring within the pores. This reaction creates a permanent bond so it will not peel or chip but requires neutralization and proper cleanup. Often times, concrete staining creates a look that is very similar to marble.


  • Resilient surface
  • Sanitary
  • Utilizes natural coloring
  • Looks like marble or other natural stone without the price tag!

Where is Concrete Staining used?

Decorative concrete staining can be used on just about any concrete surface but before applying stain, floors need to be appropriately prepped. This is to ensure an even stain because cracks or marks on the surface may absorb the stain differently.  All in all, concrete staining is a cost effective flooring solution that can be used by restaurants, bars, warehouses, offices, or homeowners alike!

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