Decorative Epoxy Systems

When looking to buy, sell, or maintain a business or residence we always look at the floors they are the structure of everything. We always want it to look presentable, clean and well maintained. In some instances we want it to look awesome & breathtaking that’s when we recommend our decorative systems. With our decorative systems you can do just that while having clean an easily maintained area or entire facility that can stand out from the rest. Whether it is commercial or residential with the same great durability.

Decorative Chip Systems

Available in any color combination you would like. Chip sizes available are = 1/16in, 1/8in, 1/4in With or without integrated cove base. Cove base available in different heights with a radius or a 45 degree angle.

Sample Color Chart for Flake Systems

Flake Color Chart

Sample Color Chart for Quartz Systems

Quartz Color Chart

Colored Quartz Sand Systems

SIZES: Q28 & Q11 Available in large variety of colors.